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Skilled Advantage Hockey Training

Skilled Advantage is a skills and skating hockey development company that has trained individual players and teams across the United States, Canada, and Sweden.  Founded in 2013, Skilled Advantage continues to evolve specializing in all areas of the game with a primary FOCUS on Individual stickhandling and skating skills.

U-Train Stickhandling 

The U-TRAIN Off-Ice Stickhandling program was created for Hockey Players all over the world to LEARN, PRACTICE, & MASTER their stick skills.  Requiring minimal equipment/space, drills are designed to be practiced ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. 


24/7 ON-DEMAND content with over 290 drills (and growing) categorized by Progression Level (3), Skill Level (3), and Drill Type (2 puck, Figure 8, Circle, Moves & more).

Skilled Advantage is proud to work with players from mite to NHL.  For More information click here

Kenny Brandt
Kenny Brandt
Owner / Head Instructor
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